I couldn’t write the book… in my mother tongue!


Here a fun fact about Click!!

When the idea for the book first came to mind, I’ve written the whole story all in a go, in both English and Italian. Then, together with Andrea, we decided to strip out some parts (like the ones with fairies and gnomes!), and to add some more scenes and characters. To avoid overcomplicating things, I originally thought to re-write the story in my mother tongue only, and to translate it in English at a second stage.

Can you believe I’ve tried and tried and tried again for days with no luck?!?

I tried to write the story at the office, then at home, then again at the local park. Nothing. It wasn’t flowing; the characters weren’t taking life, and the whole story seemed to become worst and worst. I’ve never thought to give up, but my faith in the project has been severely tested on those days!

So, a day out of frustration, I’ve decided to give it a go with the English, and the magic happened: the book started coming together very quickly, and I was liking it more and more day after day. On the end, the whole book has been written in English first. Then edited, and only then translated into Italian. And it took me quite a while, and lot of help from Andrea and a bunch of editors!

I still find it so weird I couldn’t write in Italian, and then so easily in English, but I guess this is what happens when you spend the last 10 years talking, thinking, and even dreaming in a language which isn’t your native one!

About the Author


Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to be open to it. I was commuting on the tube as usual, but that day something extraordinary happened. Listening to some kids laughing about travelling in London, a funny thought came to mind, and few hours later Click! was born.