What’s Click! really about?


Alex and Laila being curious

Click! is about curiosity. And how being curious can lead to amazing adventures.

We believe curiosity is one of the most important and useful human skills, as it pushes us to learn, discover, invent and create. If you think for a second, you’ll realise that all great human beings – Da Vinci, Einstein, Tesla, and so on – were (and are) all driven by curiosity.

For this reason we too in Click! use curiosity as “main force” to support learning in children. Our aim is for kids to learn about a city (London) and about a new language while enjoying a magical adventure.

Also, as parent and children’s author, it’s very important to me to inspire (my) children to be curious, and not to lose this precious skill when they grow up. I truly believe it’s the best approach for them to live a fulfilled and enjoyable life.

About the Author


Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to be open to it. I was commuting on the tube as usual, but that day something extraordinary happened. Listening to some kids laughing about travelling in London, a funny thought came to mind, and few hours later Click! was born.