A magical adventure


Writing a book is a magical and inspiring adventure.

When I wrote the book first’s draft I couldn’t imagine what would have happened since then. I’ve written the story out of inspiration, and just for the love of it. As I’ve then realised it was a nice story, I’ve decided together with Andrea to follow through and create the book as best and professionally as we could.

That decision changed my Life completely! Leaving my daily job to focus on the book made me experience first hand what “living your dream” means. To me, it means waking up every day doing something creative, something “artistic”.

It has been a long journey since that day, rich of exciting moments and challenges. I’ll never forget when Andrea showed me the first illustration, or the moment I knew the story was complete. As well, it’s hard to forget those days I couldn’t write a paragraph, or how hard is to deal with publishing tools, publishing softwares, font licensing, and so on.

But you know what? This is an incredible adventure, and absolutely inspiring too. It’s inspiring because it teaches me every day to don’t give up, and to have faith in my dreams. It inspires me to push my limits and to raise the bar.

And most of all, I’ve never had so much fun as the last six months!

Now that the book is almost ready, I cannot wait to see it published, and then to jump on our next challenge: the iPad app!

About the Author


Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to be open to it. I was commuting on the tube as usual, but that day something extraordinary happened. Listening to some kids laughing about travelling in London, a funny thought came to mind, and few hours later Click! was born.