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Andrea Minetii

Ciao! This is Andrea, the illustrator of click!, the book.
Born and raised in Rome, the capital of a social, fun, beautiful but really messy country. So messy that I had to leave 7 years ago to follow my dreams.

Since I was kid I was very creative and my mom gave me the tools to keep on pushing on it. I used to draw stories where an imaginary universe made everything possible.

I’ve tried to create some comics as well but back in the 90’s being a self published wasn’t easy at all.

After I completed my architecture degree I followed some friends to an inspirational trip in London and it turn out to become my city!
After my first step in the UK I realised that the new technologies are the field where to focus my potential, keeping always in mind my artistic expertise. So I end up being a Game Artist and UI/UX Designer.

I met Emanuele through one of my work places and immediately I felt a good connection, I knew already we are going to do something good together.

This project means a lot to me:
I’m going to use again my old fashion tools, pencils and paper, like when I was a kid.
I’m back to the educational field through my art.
I’m going to create our personal project.

I really hope you and your kids will enjoy our fun and magic world as we enjoyed to create it!

About the Author

Andrea Minetti

Architect, 3d Generalist, App Designer and Game Artist, but what I enjoy the most is to be an illustrator. Since I was a kid I used to doodling everywhere. That's why when Emanuele came up with this crazy idea, I instantly embraced it. This book is a great way to express myself and create something educational and fun.