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Emanuele Fortunati

Hi there! This is Emanuele, Click!’s author. I’m 32 years old and Italian, and I’ve been living in London for about 8 years.

I’ve never thought to write a biography or story about myself, so I don’t really know where to start! I’ll just write down few notes then, and if you are interested in knowing more, just get in touch.

I’ve always been a creative Soul, and very passionated about Arts, including literature, however for the last 15 years or so I’ve been working as web developer, and done little bit more than nothing creative. You may thinking why I end up doing something so far from what is my true nature. Well, the answer is simple: fear. Although there are many reasons and complexities behind my choices, the simple truth is that I was too scared to even try. I’ve some regrets, but I’m also very happy I’ve finally realised I can actually live by my true nature and purpose.

So, on November 2015 I wrote Click! draft, and for the first time in my life I’ve decided to follow through and I’ve started to work on the book very seriously. Partnering up with Andrea gave me the boost I needed, and in February 2016 I left my job to give all my time to the project.

In the meantime I’ve also rented a studio, and I’m now giving more space to painting and making art.

Besides writing books and painting, I’m a father of three and a husband-to-be. I love music and football (I used to be a semi-pro coach and manager) and I’m always open to anything creative.

I’m not a star, and I’m not in the position to tell anyone how to live their life. But I can say for sure the only way to live a fulfilled Life is creating things you love. Sometimes is very enjoyable and effortless, other times is hard and also boring. But on the end of the day I always go back home knowing I’m living my purpose in Life.

About the Author


Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to be open to it. I was commuting on the tube as usual, but that day something extraordinary happened. Listening to some kids laughing about travelling in London, a funny thought came to mind, and few hours later Click! was born.