Written by Emanuele Fortunati and illustrated by Andrea Minetti, Click! is a bilingual children's book about discovering London

In the beginning it was just an idea, almost a dream. Inspired by some kids travelling in the Tube, Emanuele writes Click!’s first draft believing the book could prompt kids imagination and inspire them to discover more about London. Few weeks later Andrea joins the project, officially as illustrator. His creative input also becomes fundamental in shaping the story.

In February 2016 both Andrea and Emanuele began to work full time on the book. As result of their effort, in just over 2 months the story grew from a 10-page draft to a 32-page book. New characters and locations were added, and the wording was completely reworked. Andrea also worked on developing the illustrations. Moving on from the first few drafts, the book now contains more than 30 pictures.

Since Click! was been conceived to be bilingual, it was quickly translated. Italian. Spanish and Portuguese drafts were also written, and the plan is to have them ready by July 2016, when the book will be officially released.

From the very begin many creative friends also gave their contribution, thanks to that and to being professionally reviewed and edited the book has noticeably improved.

Many things have happened in just few months, and the many ideas have started to become a reality. Click! is now a much wider project, including audiobooks and an app for iPad, for which the authors are currently looking for funds.

We don’t know where this adventure will bring us, we just know it has been incredible experience so far, and we will keep working hard to provide children with enjoyable ways to learn.