Crowdfunding starting soon!

by Emanuele

Hello Everybody!

After more than 8 months of hard very enjoyable(!) work we can finally say WE MADE IT!!!

Yes, that’s correct: the book is finally ready! We are finishing up few details to make the files ready for printing, but we are basically there.

For the ones didn’t follow us from the begin, Click! is a bilingual book about London, born from the need of fresh bilingual books for early readers.

Why London? Well, because it’s our city! And it’s also one of the cities in the World with the highest number of bilingual families, like mine.

As we said, the book is ready, but… there’s a but. As we (Emanuele and Andrea) both left our job in February to work on this project, we are now out of finances to start the printing and distribution process.

We now need your help!

We will start a crowdfunding in about a month, and we need your full support to make this book a reality. We really count on you!

Watch the video and share it as much as you can!

More news coming very soon.


About the Author


Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to be open to it. I was commuting on the tube as usual, but that day something extraordinary happened. Listening to some kids laughing about travelling in London, a funny thought came to mind, and few hours later Click! was born.