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How my daughter reacted to Click!


After working more than 8 months on our first chapter -Click! London- we decided to print 50 preview copies to send around and, most importantly, to show to children.

I’ve to admit: when the box arrived there was lot of tension! We did our absolutely best, and we’ve already had great feedback after showing the digital copy to few editors and friends. However, we didn’t have any child’s feedback yet!

Open the article. and see my daughter’s reaction by yourself!

Alex and Laila, or just myself?


When I first wrote the book I didn’t really realise how much of myself is part of it. As you know I wrote Click!’s first draft out of pure inspiration, and I then reworked it with Andrea later on. At all time my focus was on creating a great children’s story, that could inspire imagination making enjoyable. That what it was all about. Or at least, that’s what I thought.

The way my children inspire me


Being a father, a parent actually, can be at times very hard. You can never switch off, and there are always so many things to do! But being a father is also an extraordinary, unique journey. From hearing soft heart beats in the womb to see your babies coming to life; from the first smile to their first steps, there’s nothing that gives me so strongly that sense of being in the right moment in the right place. Nothing else can give me that feeling of innocent happiness.

About Andrea Minetti


Ciao! This is Andrea, the illustrator of click!, the book.
Born and raised in Rome, the capital of a social, fun, beautiful but really messy country. So messy that I had to leave 7 years ago to follow my dreams.

Since I was kid I was very creative and my mom gave me the tools to keep on pushing on it. I used to draw stories where an imaginary universe made everything possible.

About Emanuele Fortunati


Hi there! This is Emanuele, Click!’s author. I’m 32 years old and Italian, and I’ve been living in London for about 8 years.

I’ve never thought to write a biography or story about myself, so I don’t really know where to start! I’ll just write down few notes then, and if you are interested in knowing more, just get in touch.

I’ve always been a creative Soul, and very passionated about Arts, including literature, however for the last 15 years or so I’ve been working as web developer, and done little bit more than nothing creative. You may thinking why I end up doing something so far from what is my true nature. Well, the answer is simple: fear. Although there are many reasons and complexities behind my choices, the simple truth is that I was too scared to even try. I’ve some regrets, but I’m also very happy I’ve finally realised I can actually live by my true nature and purpose.